Dreadlocks -Overview

Do yourself a favour and stay on top of it!


A hook is a tool you should have on hand for dreadlock care. Many women carry one in their purse just in case they need it when they are out and about. The hook will help you to get loose pieces of hair gathered up and then you can put them back into the dread with ease. You can also use thread that is the same colour as your hair to secure them in place if they aren’t staying.


Get a top quality wax for dreadlock care. Look for a product designed for your hair type and for your colour of hair. You can get such products for dry hair, oily hair, or a combination. This matters as the ingredients in it can help to balance out the needs you have. They can help to add moisture to dry hair and help to reduce more buildup of oil if you produce too much of it.

You don’t need much wax at all to get the job done. Apply a small amount of it in your palms and gently rub the dread between them. This will help the hair to take shape within the dread and to add the benefits from the product at the same time. This is a wonderful way to keep your dreads looking like they did when you stepped out of the salon.


Do all you can to protect your hair too. This is a very important step in dreadlock care as it will reduce the amount of necessary upkeep for you to take part in. Such protection includes wearing swim caps and hats. A hat will also prevent harmful UV rays from drying out your hair and scalp.


You need to keep your hair clean as part of overall dreadlock care. You don’t want to wash your hair too often though. There are special bars of soap you can use as well as dry shampoo products. For a bar of such soap, verify the ingredients are all natural. You can choose a delightful scent or go with one that is unscented.

For dry shampoo, make sure you get one that is right for your hair type and your hair colour. You spray or sprinkle a small amount on the scalp and then shake it out. This will take care of excessive oil and any dirt on the scalp.


You definitely need to put for the effort to keep them dry! When dreads are wet, they can develop mold or mildew. Wear a swimming cap in the shower or when you go swimming. Make sure it fits around the dreads and stays securely in place. Take care in adverse weather to keep your hair dry. This can include wearing a hat or using an umbrella when you go outside.

Take the time to pat your hair dry and to remove excessive water as part of dreadlock care. Take the time to push down on your scalp area to remove the water. Gently twist each of the dreads to squeeze out any of the excess water from them. This will help to ensure they dry well so you don’t risk any negative elements turning up within your hair.