Important Things To Know About Dreadlocks

You should have the right information and the right products before you get your hair done in this fashion. Otherwise, it won’t stay clean, they won’t last, and it won’t look nice! It is true, you don’t have to spend lots of time caring for them. However, the amount of dreadlocks maintenance will depend on your activities and your hair. Make sure you have good quality products to work with. The quality of those products will influence how well they work for your hair. Always read the directions so you use them properly too.

There are plenty of videos online to assist you with keeping your dreads well maintained. It can be useful to watch those that guide you through the various steps. You will also need to learn as you go with your own hair. The length, the texture, and other variables can influence the results you get. Don’t get frustrated, take the time to learn what needs to be done and best methods.

Hair Cap

A huge part of successful dreadlocks maintenance involves keeping your hair dry. Wear a good fitting shower cap when you swim and when you shower. Make sure it is large enough to cover all of the dreads. You should order one specifically designed for them. A one size fits all product out there isn’t going to be durable or large enough for them to fit inside of it.

Look for one made from quality materials. You want it to maintain its shape once you put it on. This will offer you the most protection. Some of these hair caps are disposable so after you use it once, you toss it out. Others are reusable so you can just rinse it after you use it. Make sure it is completely dry before you put it back on your hair the next time you use it.

Shampoo Products

From time to time, you will need to shampoo your hair. You want to remove dirt, debris, and excess oils. Make sure you find a wonderful product for your dreadlocks maintenance that allows you to do this. There are dry shampoo products out there. There are also those that you can use for your hair that require water.

If you use those that use water, make sure you always remove any excess water from your hair when you are done. If you don’t dry it complete, the other steps you take will fail. The hair will start to smell and it can develop mold or other issues due to the water being retained inside of the dreads.


Keep an eye out for hair that is coming out of the dreads. Use a gel product for this type of hair styling. It will make your dreadlocks maintenance much easier. You just use a small amount of it and you can then work with the hair to roll it back up the way it should be. This is a simple and effective way to keep the dreads looking great.


You will also need a hook to help you with your dreadlocks maintenance. This allows you to hook hair that is escaping and to tuck it back underneath. It will be securely in place, and since it is under the hair, no one will see it. Yet those pieces aren’t going to be visibly sticking out, making them an eyesore any longer.